Building Envelope


Definition Of A Building Envelope


The building envelope is all of the elements of the outer shell that  maintain a dry, heated, or cooled indoor environment and facilitate its climate control. Building envelope design is a specialized area of architectural and engineering practice that draws from all areas of building science and indoor climate control.

The many functions of the building envelope can be separated into three categories:

  • Support (to resist and transfer structural and dynamic loads)
  • Control (the flow of matter and energy of all types)
  • Finish (to meet desired esthetics on the inside and outside)

The control function is at the core of good performance, and in  practice focuses, in order of importance, on rain control, air control,  heat control, and vapor control.

Classifying Envelope Problems

Water infiltration is not always as simple as one would think . A building can leak from a single area and travel a long way before it enters the interior of the envelope. There are many steps to follow to avoid unnecessary damage and to reduce any further damage prior to repair and reconstruction.

Concrete :

Concrete is a porous material that allows water to be absorbed but doesn't allow it to transfer through. Hair line fractures occur naturally to concrete structures throughout the years, which will cause water leaks.

In some cases , the infiltration is caused by a problem called honeycombs.

They are a void created in the wall or slab due to air pockets that were not vibrated out completely at the pour.

We offer a multitude of options to repair faulty concrete . Without causing further damage to a property.

Roof systems :

The most common roof system being asphalt shingles is designed to repel a flow of water such as rain. Sadly they are not designed to sustain a static body of water, Meaning snow build ups causing "ice damming" will enter through the shingle's joints. It is imperative to keep up with maintenance and repairs of your roof as it is the first barrier .

Walls , windows and doors :

Walls can also suffer from faulty waterproofing ,framing elements when exposed to water will rot/rust and disintegrate over long periods of time , it is important to ensure proper barriers and drainage are in place to protect your building's integrity . 

The first step in home improvement is the good health of your envelope.


We offer the most effective solutions to all envelope issues. the products we use are recognized worldwide for their performance and warranties.

It is important to remember :

Repair contractors who perform building envelope renovations must be licensed by BC Housing.  They must also provide mandatory, third-party warranty insurance to get  a building permit for these renovations when the scope of the repairs  meets the criteria set out in the regulations. 

We are proud to have met the regulations from BC Housing and possess all the required licenses and warranties. Our staff is experienced and will do their very best to return your house into your home.

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